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Hytotem es la primera comunidad hispana dedicada al juego Hytale. Regístrate en nuestra comunidad para disfrutar de todas las novedades de Hytale traducidas al español, además de participar en una comunidad totalmente dedicada y creada para nuestros miembros. No esperes más, y disfruta de este largo y nuevo camino lleno de aventuras de un juego llamado Hytale.

¿Qué es Hytale?

Hytale un videojuego sandbox rpg que junta el estilo artístico de Minecraft con un estilo voxel más detallado y que cuenta con historia y misiones. Lo que hace especial a Hytale es ese aire totalmente nuevo que le da al género y nos pone en situación de un universo totalmente nuevo en el que tendremos que aventurarnos. Si quieres saber más de Hytale, únete a nuestra comunidad y mantente informado sobre todo lo que se viene!


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  1. Hi, everyone! We appreciate that it's been a little while since our last post. Today, we're rolling out a new blog post along with a new fan art showcase and an updated media page. More on that in a little bit! First, an update from the team.Since our last blog ... Leer el artículo completo en
  2. Earlier in the year, we unveiled zone 3 - a place of boreal forests, treacherous mountain ranges, winding rivers and deep ice caves. We showed you some of the creatures that inhabit this region, from hardy mountain goats to bears, woodpeckers, and even a yeti. If you've not checked that ... Leer el artículo completo en
  3. As part of this update, we've tinkered with the design of the community section and added a whole draft of amazing new fan art pieces. The skill and creativity of the Hytale community is a continual source of excitement and motivation for us as we work on the game - ... Leer el artículo completo en
  4. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five months since we announced Hytale. The moments before the trailer launched were some of the most nerve-wracking that any of us have experienced in our careers. We were proud of the game, but none of us could have predicted how the ... Leer el artículo completo en
  5. It wouldn’t be an adventure without monsters to encounter. Today, we’re going to go into a little bit more detail about some of the dangerous foes you’ll face as you explore Orbis in adventure mode. Once again, arachnophobes beware! There’s a spider at the end of this post - stop ... Leer el artículo completo en
  6. In this blog post, we're going to show you how Hytale sfx designer Kieran Fitzpatrick goes about creating sound effects for the game. In order to demonstrate this process, we're going to take a closer look at one of the denizens of zone 1: the swamp-dwelling Fen Stalker.You may have ... Leer el artículo completo en
  7. Last week, we closed out our presentation about the history of Hytale at EGX Rezzed with a closer look at zone 3. If you didn’t catch it at the time, here it is!As detailed in our introduction to worldgen back in January, each of Hytale’s zones is procedurally generated using ... Leer el artículo completo en
  8. In today’s article, we’re going to give you an overview of how Hytale’s behavior scripting system provides ways to bring NPCs and creatures to life. To do this we’re going to show you some aspects of Trork behavior - how they react to the player, the environment, and each other. ... Leer el artículo completo en
  9. Building content for Hytale involves a collaborative process that we’ve developed in the course of more than three years of work on the game. In this blog post, we’re going to demonstrate this process by showing how our artists and world team developers work together to create new prefabs. As ... Leer el artículo completo en
  10. Music plays a vital role in establishing the mood for your adventures across the world of Orbis. Over the last couple of months, we’ve provided a few opportunities to sample Hytale’s soundtrack. Back in January, we released two full tracks - Traveling Band and Night on the Dunes - which ... Leer el artículo completo en
  11. It’s important to us that Hytale players have all the tools they need in order to bring their ideas to life. We’ve already covered Hytale Model Maker, which allows players to create their own models and import them directly into the game. In this post we’re going to focus on ... Leer el artículo completo en
  12. As we wrote in our worldgen introduction back in January, each zone in Hytale’s adventure mode features its own unique elements, including geology, plants, NPCs, monsters, and animal life. In this post, we’re going to give you a closer look at some of the creatures that you’ll encounter in the ... Leer el artículo completo en
  13. It's hard to believe that it's only been two months since we announced Hytale. We've been blown away by the attention that the game has received. After three years of working on the game in secret, every tweet, article, and video means a lot to us.It's been particularly exciting to ... Leer el artículo completo en
  14. Hytale provides players with the power to customize their character in a wide variety of ways. Whether you’re ransacking a dungeon in adventure mode or taking on other players in a minigame, your avatar provides an opportunity to express yourself. In this article, we’re going to provide an overview of ... Leer el artículo completo en
  15. If you’ve watched the Hytale announcement trailer or taken a look at our media section, you’ll have seen plenty of landscapes and prefabs - and each of them has been built with blocks. Today we’re going to explain the features and techniques that make Hytale blocks special, and how you’ll ... Leer el artículo completo en
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